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Image of BT Speak Pro measuring 6 inches across, 2.8 wide, and 3/4 inches deep

Introducing BT Speak Pro: a compact, yet powerful computer that combines the convenience of braille input with speech output, all in a device that fits in your pocket. Drawing inspiration from beloved blindness technologies of yore, BT Speak Pro offers a modern twist on the reliable simplicity of traditional braille note takers. 

Experience seamless email management, word processing, immersive media streaming, versatile braille notetaking, education software and even on-the-go access to ChatGPT. Explore our product page for a complete list of applications.

With its featherweight construction (only 8.5 oz), BT Speak Pro empowers you to efficiently accomplish tasks right from the palm of your hand. Visit the BT Speak Pro page for comprehensive product details.

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Our products feature DECtalk speech output, provided by Human Voice LLC

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