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Frequently Asked Questions


What Exactly is the BT Speak® Pro?

The BT Speak® Pro is a pocket computer designed especially for blind users. It has an eight-dot Braille keyboard for typing and for issuing commands and uses speech output.

What does the BT Speak® Pro feel like?

Generally speaking, the BT Speak® Pro is very small— about the width and length of an iPhone 14 or 15, and has a depth approximately equal to two iPhones stacked on top of one another. It is designed to fit into a pants pocket or purse like a cell phone. The material of the case is smooth, but not glossy. It feels very much like the kind of plastic you’d find on the transformers of computer or laptop power supplies and battery chargers. The keys are laid out in a standard ergonomic configuration, with dots 7 and 8 placed on either side of the spacebar. The keys are also smooth and the key caps are very solid. 

How will the unit ship?

Your order will arrive in a white cardboard box roughly 7x5x2 inches in dimension via USPS (within the United States) or FedEx (International).

What accessories are shipped with BT Speak® Pro? What's in the box??

All customers will receive a USB-C to 3.5mm wired headphone adaptor. We also provide a wall charger to customers in US and Canada.

Is a carrying-case provided?

We offer a case specifically designed for BT Speak by Turtleback, for purchase on our shop page.


What are the Hardware Specifications of the BT Speak® Pro?

  • 64-bit quad-core processor, 1.5GHz

  • USB 2.0 (USB C port)

  • Dual-band 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac wireless

  • Bluetooth 5.0

How much internal storage is in the BT Speak® Pro?


Does the BT Speak® Pro accept any sort of external storage, such as a Micro SD card?

BT Speak® Pro is equipped with a Micro SD card slot for removable storage and a remote drive for connection to storage on other devices. For more details, see questions below 'What size SD cards does BT Speak® Pro support' and 'Can I connect my BT Speak® Pro to my PC or Mac to send and receive documents?'.

What is the largest micro SD card that the BT Speak® Pro can take?

Virtually any SD card we've tested (from  32GB through 1TB) has worked, as long as it’s properly formatted.

Can I connect my BT Speak® Pro to my PC or Mac to send and receive documents?

 BT Speak® Pro enables remote connection to your storage drives on Mac and PC (Windows and Linux OS), as well as Android and iPhone mobile devices. Remote storage will is accessible through the /Public drive and instructions for its configuration are provided in its help file.  

Can I connect my BT Speak® Pro to a Braille display?

You can connect a Braille display to BT Speak® Pro via Bluetooth or its USB-C port.

Can I connect an external keyboard to the BT Speak® Pro?

Yes, you can connect an external keyboard to BT Speak® Pro via its USB-C port.

Can I connect a monitor to the BT Speak® Pro?

Yes, you can connect a monitor to BT Speak® Pro via its HDMI port.

What type of wall charger do I need for BT Speak® Pro? Can I use my iPhone charger?

BT Speak® Pro has a USB-C port. US and Canadian customers will receive a wall charger. Other international customers will need to get a cable with a USB-C on each end or a complete charger with a USB-C port on the end that plugs into the device. BT Speak® Pro is compatible with the Apple iPhone 15 charger, but not earlier iPhone models with the lightning port. Check out this  link for an example charger we've tested.

How long can I use the BT Speak® Pro on a full charge?

A full battery will provide about 10 hours of use, on average. The battery life ultimately depends on which applications are used.


What speech engine does BT Speak® Pro use?

Both eSpeak NG and DECTalk speech engines are provided.

How long does BT Speak® Pro take to boot?

Expect a 30 second waiting period when you first boot up the unit if it's completely powered down. However, once the device is powered on you can put it in a low power sleep mode with fast wake-up times. A quick press of the power button puts the unit to sleep. Pressing the power button again instantly wakes it up and you're back where you left off. Holding the power button for a few seconds performs a total shut-down.

What file formats does the BT Speak® Pro support?

Most file formats, including .brf and .brl Braille files, are recognized on BT Speak® Pro. Desktop mode enables access to the LibreOffice Suite, which includes Writer (a word processor) and Calc (a spreadsheet.), where nearly all file formats are supported. However, we are aware of some file formats belonging to later Microsoft Word versions that are incompatible with the editor.

Does checking the time still work like it did on the Braille 'n Speak?

Yes. O-chord T speaks the time, O-chord D speaks the date and O-chord, L, G brings up the smart calendar (now called Gregorian date calculator). Unlike the Braille ’n Speak, you can also use T-8-Chord to hear the time, D-8-chord for the date, and st-8-chord for battery status from anywhere on the device.

Will the BT Speak® Pro support .brf files as well as .brl files?

It does. If you create a file with a .brf or a .brl extension you'll be able to use the contractions based on whatever your Braille table is set for.

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