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Bryan Blazie

CEO, Blazie Technologies, LLC

(772) 214-1616



David Schleppenbach

CEO, Tactile Engineering, Inc.

(765) 233-6620




Blazie Technologies, LLC and Tactile Engineering, Inc. Join Forces Exhibiting at This Year’s CSUN Conference

     Palm City, FL and Lafayette, IN, -- March 9, 2024 -- Blazie Technologies, LLC and Tactile Engineering, Inc. have entered a collaborative partnership at this year’s CSUN assistive technology conference taking place from March 18-22 in Anaheim, California. Conference attendees will now be able to see and touch the BT Speak® pocket computer along with the Cadence® Tactile Graphics Tablet at one booth. This collaboration allows both companies to demonstrate their respective products designed to provide state-of-the-art solutions for blind and visually impaired consumers.

    The BT Speak® from Blazie Technologies, LLC is a pocket computer with an eight-dot Braille keyboard and speech output. It not only offers access to quick and easy notetaking functions but the BT Speak® Pro provides access to a complete, accessible desktop experience with standard applications for Web browsing, sending and receiving email, editing documents in a robust office suite, and more.

The Cadence® tablet from Tactile Engineering is a pocket-sized device (about the size of a large mobile phone) with a 384-dot refreshable screen. It allows blind people to read multi-line electronic Braille as well as view graphics, including pop-up highlights and labels, graphs that update in real time, live camera feeds, and fast-paced entertainment apps that rely on the user’s reflexes and sense of touch.

In addition, the CadenceOS software will soon be available on the BT Speak®, giving blind users access to speech along with multi-line Braille for accessing a wealth of material.

“We are truly excited about this new collaboration with Tactile Engineering,” said Bryan Blazie, CEO of Blazie Technologies. “We feel that the combination of our BT Speak® pocket computer along with Tactile Engineering’s innovative Cadence® tablet allows for a perfect partnership between our two companies. We are truly excited about demonstrating both products at this year’s CSUN conference.”

"Tactile Engineering is excited to announce the release of CadenceOS on the BT Speak® platform,” said David Schleppenbach, CEO of Tactile Engineering. “Now, with a BT Speak® in one pocket and a Cadence® tablet in the other, a user has total access to information at their fingertips. Together, the BT Speak® and Cadence® combo provides speech, Braille, and visual access to content, all in the palm of your hand."

Both the BT Speak® and the Cadence® tablet will be available for conference attendees to experience at Booth 814.


About Blazie Technologies, LLC

Founded in 2022, Blazie Technologies, LLC is a product development and consulting firm focused on providing innovative assistive technologies for the blind. Deane Blazie, the company’s Chief Technology Officer, offers decades of experience creating well-known computing products that are still fondly remembered today, including the Braille ‘n Speak, Braille Lite, and Braille Blazer embosser.


About Tactile Engineering, Inc.

Tactile Engineering, Inc. was founded in 2013 with the mission of developing and manufacturing an affordable tactile graphics device for the blind and visually impaired. The company is an Indiana-based startup developing advanced assistive technologies and is the creator and IP holder of the Cadence® Tactile Graphics Tablet technology. The TE team combines lifetimes of experience in engineering, product development, entrepreneurship, and accessibility.

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