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Radio Tuner Help

The radio tuner opens the doors to a vast, global library of internet radio stations.
You can locate a station in any of the following ways:
Station Search: Allows you to locate a station by typing all or part of its name. Currently, you will need to type your search query using Computer Braille.
Browse by Location: Pulls up a searchable index of stations organized by country and state. You will initially be asked to select a country, followed by a state, at which point a list of stations will appear. First-letter navigation can be used in any of these lists.
The Favorites list (more on this later)
Search from a curated list of blindness-specific radio stations

Irrespective of the way in which you locate a station, the Stream Actions menu will appear once the station is fully loaded. Some of the shortcuts in this menu are not properly announced, so you can press and hold 3-6-Chord to have the shortcut announced.
Here are all the shortcuts and their commands.
1-2-3-5-6: cut the player volume
2-3-4-5-6: boost the player volume
P: pause or resume the stream
m: provide metadata for the stream, often times this is the information about a song that is currently playing. Press Z-Chord to exit this screen
d: provide a description of various aspects of the stream, including the sampling rate and bit depth. Press Z-Chord to exit this screen.
a: add this station to your favorites
r: remove this station from your favorites
v: Vote for this station on, the provider of our radio station database

Note that the global media controls can be used to control the radio tuner.

Refreshing the station database is possible via the radio tuner menu, but this actions will take a while to process.


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