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File Sharing with Windows Help



You'll need to first ensure that your Windows computer is allowed to use the SMB 1.0 protocol (it's disabled by default).
To do this:
  Go into the Windows "Settings" app.
  Select "Programs".
  Select "Programs and Features".
  Select "Turn Windows features on and off".
  Go down to "SMB 1.0".
  If it's disabled then enable it and reboot.

Now, to access folders on your BTSpeak from your Windows computer, go into the "File Explorer"
and either click on "Network" (in the pane on the left) or tab over to "Home", type "Network", and press Enter.
You'll then see a screen listing all of the computers on your network - double-click on your BTSpeak.
A screen will come up asking you to enter the credentials for connecting to it.
It wants a username and a password - both default to "pi".
You'll now see a screen that lists the three shared folders: "public", "home", and "logs".
If you right-click on a file while browsing any of these folders, you'll be able to share it, email it, download it, or copy it.


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