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Media File Browser Help

This menu allows for easy access to all of the media content stored on your BTSpeak and any connected storage devices.
When you enter this menu, you will be presented with a list of locations that contain media content. Options include, but are not limited to:
Home directory: your user folder
SD Card: If a micro-SD card is connected
USB Storage: an External drive connected to the USB-C port

Once you select a directory that contains media files, you will land in a directory listing that includes all the subfolders within the selected directory that also contain media, along with various controls to initiate playback.
The playback controls are as follows:
Dots 1-2-6: Play sorted (All the files of the current folder will play in alphanumerical order. If the folder being played contains subfolders, the subfolders will be sorted in alphanumerical order.)
dots 3-4-5: Play shuffled

Selecting a subfolder from the list will lead to a list of files and/or subfolders present in that folder, along with the play controls described above.
Note that the play controls will not appear when you land in a folder that contains only one media file, as at that point you will simply press enter (Dot 8) to play it.


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