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Phonebook Help


Phonebook is an address book equipped with the option to synchronize with your Google contacts. Z-chord exits.

The following describes how to use the phonebook main menu options: add contact, view contacts, search contacts, and phonebook options.


Add contact (shortcut is a): Use this feature to add a new entry (contact) to your phonebook. Selecting this feature (dot-8) results in a series of user entry prompts for name, phone, email, address, and notes fields for the contact. To leave any field empty, press enter.

The data for each field  may be entered in any format. Names and addresses must be entered in one line (ie. phonebook will not seperately prompt you for first name and last name, nor city, state, zip etc.). Only one entry can be added for each data field. To add more than one, use the edit menu in the View Contacts function described below.


View contacts (shortcut is v): Selecting this option displays a list of all contacts in your phonebook, listed alphabetically by name. Select a contact name (dot-8) to view a list of its phone, email, address, and notes data.

Selecting the name will present two options: change name or delete contact. Change name shows the prompt 'name?'. Enter the new name and press enter (dot-8) to change the contact name.

Selecting phone, email, address, or notes will open the edit menu for the selected data field. From the edit menu, select from: edit, add, or remove. Edit will replace the current entry with a new one. Add will append new data to the selected field (refer to example below). Remove deletes the data from the contact. Note that remove only deletes the selected data field (phone, email, address, or note) without deleting any other data stored in the contact. To delete the entire contact, refer to the instructions above.

For example, to add another phone number, select phone number from the list and select add phone number. Enter the phone number to add at the resulting prompt and press enter (dot-8). This will append a new phone number to the contact.


Phonebook options: The following describes the current phonebook options.


Link google contacts: This option will link your google account and synchronize google contacts to your phonebook. Options are ON or OFF. Default is OFF. Instructions to use this feature follow.

After toggling this option, Google contact synchronization will begin the next time any function of the phonebook is accessed.

You will be prompted to authenticate your Google account the first time using this feature and occassionally thereafter if Google requires you to refresh your authentication or your login has changed.

The following describes the procedure for authenticating and linking your Google account to phonebook.


1) When first logging into Google and granting permission to link your contacts to phonebook, you MUST have Desktop mode booted. If Desktop mode is not booted, a message will display asking you to boot Desktop mode and try again. Press dots-1,2,3,4,5,6 and 8 to start desktop mode and wait roughly 30 seconds for the boot to complete.

2) Select phonebook options from the phonebook menu. Then select link Google contacts and select ON.

3) Return to the phonebook main menu and select Add Contact, View Contacts, or Search Contacts.

4) A message will display "Chromium is open to Google login. Navigate to Dekstop Mode to sign in.". Press enter, then navigate to Desktop mode (dots-1,2,3,4,5,6 and 8). Chromium browser will be open to the Google sing-in page for BT Speak phonebook and instruct you to sign in. Use tab to select the google account you would like to authenticate.

5) Enter your google login credentials as needed. Follow instructions on the proceeding pages to grant permission to link your Google account to BT Speak phonebook. Grant permission by tabbing to and selecting the Continue button on the page.

6) If authentication is successful, you will be directed to a webpage reading "The authentication flow has completed. You may close this window.". At this point, navigate back to Traditional Mode (dots 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7).

7) Phonebook is now linked to your Google account and will automatically syncronize with your Google Contacts when loaded. After returning to Traditional Mode, honebook will proceed with the feature (add contact, view contacts, search contacts) selected prior to authentication).



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