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Voice Command Help

Voice commands allows you to run several BTSpeak functions using your voice. 

There are two ways to activate a voice command.
One is to press V-Chord from within the editor.
The other is to select Voice Commands from the Applications menu (from within the Options menu).
Use Z-chord to exit.

After activating a voice command, wait for the tone and then speak the command corresponding to the function you would like to perform.
The second tone indicates the end of the listening period.
If the command is understood, its associated function will run after a brief delay.
If the command is not understood, you will be presented with the message "command not intelligible". 

Below is a list of supported commands and their corresponding functions:
  "Define [word]": looks up a word in the dictionary
  "Weather": speaks the local weather conditions
  "Battery": speaks the battery level
  "WiFi": Searches for available Wi-Fi networks
  "Bluetooth": Searches for Bluetooth devices
  "Date": Speaks the current date
  "Time": Speaks the current time
  "IP address": Speaks your BTSpeak's IP address
  "Hostname": Speaks your BTSpeak's host name
  "Volume up": Raises the master volume
  "Volume down": Lowers the master volume
  "Microphone up": Raise the microphone volume
  "Microphone down": Lower the microphone volume
  "Change TTS": Opens a dialog to change between TTS engines
  "Change braille table": Opens a dialog to change your braille table
  "Revision": Speaks what software revision your BTSpeak is running
  "Serial number": Speaks your BTSpeak's serial number
  "Owner": Speaks the BTSpeak's owner's name
  "CPU temperature": Speaks the temperature of the BTSpeak's CPU in degrees Celsius
  "Kernel version": Speaks your BTSpeak's kernel version
  "Print": Prints the current file
  "Calculator": Launches the calculator
  "Upgrade": Upgrades the system
  "Appointments for today": Searches your calendar for appointments for today
  "Appointments for this week": Searches your calendar for appointments for this week
  "Appointments for this month": Searches your calendar for appointments for this month
  "Search calendar event": Opens a dialog where you can search your calendar by event
  "Search calendar date": Opens a dialog where you can search your calendar by date
  "Add appointment": Opens a dialog for you to add an appointment to your calendar
  "About": Opens the about this device dialog

Voice commands will recognize any command containing the command keyword you would like to run.
For example: "weather", "get the weather", and "what are my weather conditions now" will all speak the weather since the "weather" keyword was included in the command.


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